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Minokori Scuttlesworth knows he’s the greatest writer of all time, but the rest of the world still lives in oblivion. Now it’s up to him to transcend the Los Angeles skyline of economic hardship, unrequited love, and a family who thinks he should get a job.

A record-melting heatwave heralds messengers with an omen, embarking Minokori on a vision quest to uncover a subterranean hierarchy under the iron grip of a shadow puppet. His only beacon is a Japanese-dwarf-flying-squirrel-headed muse, whose elusive trail is set to converge with an apocalyptic catalyst known as the Planet Muncher.

Precognitive Ultimatum of Minokori Scuttlesworth is a postmodern surrealist odyssey to be felt like a recurring dream, at once a messianic character portrait, a fabled existential conundrum, and an ambrosial dunescape rippling with the prevailing wind of credibility.

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