Matcha Green Tea OH YES! explained by Science Fiction Author

Science Fiction author Ultra Kwon explores the paradox of Haitai OH YES! Chocolate Cake. Regarded by one generation as the Choco Pie Killer, it is the greatest rivalry lost to the millenials, a food matchup of epic proportions – cake vs pie. To grade schoolers of the mid-80s to 90s, Choco Pie vs OH YES! was a warring debate that was about more than just snacks. So much more. And nothing else objectively mattered.

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Dear Universe, your beloved author recently returned to Los Angeles, where he discovered to his ultimate surprise, that Choco Pie had diversified. “Where was Banana Flavored Choco Pie when I was five, six, seven years old?” he asked Mother. “Where was Banana Flavored Choco Pie when I was in LA for thirty years?”

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