Agoraphobia Airlines

A special message from your beloved author:

For whom it may concern, I finally managed to crank out a vlog from my trip to Los Angeles a couple months ago. Took long enough, but what do ya expect from an old 90s kid? If only I had the luxury of being a millenial who still lives with his parents and does YouTube on their dime, but I digress.

As I mention in the video, LA was sort of base camp for my destination, which was Japan. But this video merely documents my flight to Los Angeles.

And yeah, I admit I did a pretty lousy job of filming. In fact, I lost a pretty good chunk of awe-inspiring footage I could’ve swore I shot at Cleveland Hopkins Airport and the layover in Chicago… so I had to resort to some secondary stuff I shot with my iPhone 6S.

Anyway… thanks for checking it out! Always appreciate your radiant feedback! I’m trying to really boost my social media presence to hype my book, so feel free to follow this failed conformist!


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