SciFi Author visits DAISO Japan in Koreatown, Los Angeles

A special message from your beloved author:

This is a vlog about my visit to Daiso Japan and Sul and Beans Bingsu in Koreatown, Los Angeles. They’re located inside a shopping complex called “Madang Courtyard” or “Madang the Courtyard,” according to Yelp. As I explain in the video, “Madang” means “Courtyard” in Korean, so calling it “Courtyard Courtyard” or “Courtyard the Courtyard” sounds a tad redundant. Weird branding decision, but it wouldn’t be Koreatown if things made sense. For the sake of my sanity, I just refer to it as “Madang Plaza” in the video.

If you’ve been following my narrative, I’m a SoCal native who resides in Cleveland, Ohio, and even though much of my formative years took place in Koreatown, I do not recognize today’s Koreatown at all, because I stopped keeping track of it after I went off to college in San Diego.

Furthermore, I was feeling pretty out of it – and out of the loop – during my return to Koreatown. Evidently I’m not a born vlogger so it’s hard for me to power through days when I’m just not up to the task. On top of coping with social anxiety, agoraphobia, heliophobia, and misophonia, I was also jetlagged and consequently not very appreciative of my time spent there, gah…

Suffice to say, Koreatown’s come a long way since the LA riots. It’s now a foodie/hipster paradise, and I might make another vlog about the city in general if ever the time permits. But for now, I present to you lovely adorable future folks, Madang Plaza… or Courtyard Courtyard. As always, thanks for tuning in!


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