Sci-Fi Author Witnesses Korea for the First Time in 25 Years

A special message from your beloved author:

This is a vlog about my trip to Seoul, South Korea.

It might come as a surprise that I’ve only been to Korea just once before, and it was not on vacation. My grandfather that I had never known was on his death bed. Our family was there for approximately three or four days, and the entire arc took place at the hospital, the cemetery, and my uncle’s gold fish and turtle store. As you can imagine, the overwhelming mood of the trip was not leisurely but tense and stressful.

And until just recently, that was the sum total of my experience in Korea. And frankly, I was fine with leaving it at that. As an introverted hermit, popular recreations like “vacation travel” and “holiday trips” are alien buzzwords to me.

Which then invites the following question: What made you fly overseas to Korea?

Well, the definitive answer is rambling and complicated, but for pragmatic purposes, it can be simplified to a bizarre anomaly (i.e., it was a plot hole in my life story.) Furthermore, I do not plan on returning, unless my book somehow becomes an overnight sensation and I’m flown first class to an ovation of gleaming readers. So I guess it can be said with a fair amount of precognition, I won’t be going back any time soon.

Finally, I have to apologize for the dearth of Korea content. I didn’t realize how much this vlog took place at the airport, until it was way too long and late, forcing me to divide the vlog into multiple, shorter segments for easier viewing.


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