Korea Vlog: Quest for the Halcyon Marketplace of Dongdaemun

A special message from your beloved author:

Picking up right where we left off from my arrival in Seoul, Korea. Even though it was only a layover, the footage makes it seem like I was there a good while. The trip seemed like such a blur at the time, but I guess I got a lot more done than I initially thought.

I got to try authentic kimbap and tteokboki (spicy rice cakes) for the first time at native food stands, I got to try Lotteria, which is the Korean McDonald’s, and I got to try an actual Korean McDonalds. I also rode my first Korean subway train and browsed my first Korean vending machine. Suffice to say, I popped a lot of proverbial cherries. I also got to visit a Korean 7-Eleven and the Kakao Friends store in Gangnam. All while we were searching for my mother’s Dongdaemun marketplace, no less.

I have more footage of the Korean McDonald’s experience, but the video was already bleeding past the 10-minute mark, and I notice I don’t get as many likes and feedback when my videos exceed a certain length, so I tried to keep it shorter than the previous vlog.

I might make one more video of this layover with the remaining miscellaneous footage at some point.

As always, thanks for watching.


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