Korean McDonald’s Culture Shock & Taste Test

A special message from your beloved author:

This video exhibits my list of the top culture shocks I witnessed at the Korean McDonald’s. My sister and I also do a taste test of some burgers that are exclusive to the Korean McDonald’s menu, such as the 1955 Double, Supreme Shrimp Burger, Bulgogi Burger*, and French fries. I apologize for doing a fairly lousy job on my part.

PS: We were supposed to order the Hambak Burger, instead of the Bulgogi Burger, because as it turns out, the Hambak Burger is the deluxe version of the Bulgogi Burger – same thing with more ingredients. Unfortunately, we somehow ended up with the Bulgogi Burger. I failed to realize the mistake, until it was too late. This was only because, upon finalizing our selections on the digital menu, my frugal sister decided we should pay with cash instead, to avoid any foreign exchange fees that may be incurred with credit card. This meant skipping to the counter and dealing directly with imperfect humans. By ditching the robot to save a couple pennies, we introduced the error-prone human element into the equation, and we got the wrong order. Serves us right.


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