How to pronounce “arboretum” & seeing frog tadpoles for the first time at Holden Arboretum

A special message from your beloved author:

How do you pronounce “arboretum?” My sister and I debate which pronunciation sounds more natural. Also, we have our first visceral reaction to seeing tadpoles in person. Although we refer to them as frogs in the vlog, it could’ve been a toad as well. I’m aware frogs are supposed to have slimy, smooth skin, whereas toads have dry, bumpy skin, but this ambiguous amphibian was not as black-and-white; it was in the gray zone. The skin had a lubricated sheen to it, so it didn’t seem as dry as a prototypical toad. There were also bumps, but they were smooth and subtle enough to qualify as features on a frog as well. All of the footage was filmed at Holden Arboretum, which is a botanical garden amusement park in Kirtland, Ohio on the East Side of Cleveland. I highly recommend checking it out for both local residents and tourists; it’s the perfect mix of fun and education.


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