Latency Paradox of Barret Trufflehard

“Wonderfully imaginative, clever, and funny.” – Publishers Weekly

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What would Barret Trufflehard do?

latencyparadoxfrontcovergoodreadsNot a great dilemma goes by without Milton Grainjar putting himself in the shoes of his childhood hero. Milton has followed in the footsteps of a patriotic icon and become of all things, an enumerator. This, as it turns out, means knocking on the doors of apathetic denizens and routinely requesting a moment of their time to conduct a survey. And the best part of the job, he’s told upon hire, it offers plenty of overtime. Only, this was not how he had imagined saving the world – a world where money expires, the dominant religion revolves around a corporeal deity, and every denizen is a consumer of a monopoly called the Ekonomy.

The media warns of the Jade Association, whose revolutionary doctrines endanger the Ekonomy and its subsidized institutions. Milton’s objective is to track down the illegal conspirators and enumerate them. And he does, navigating from one enumeration to the next, dodging death rays and bureaucratic landmines to the best of his abilities, answering a call of duty without special privileges but with life purpose – a purpose he begins wondering if he could ever fulfill without losing it completely.

Latency Paradox of Barret Trufflehard is an atomic thrill ride on a prophetic whirligig of self-discovery, reveling in the commercialization of culture and politics, and its ironic effects on time… reality… existence… and the blinding pursuit of meeting institutionalized standards.